Vince Russo

  • Mind's Eye, The

    Vince Russo

    "So I thought, why don't we do a competition? And so we did. And that was the beginning of its history."
    - Bob Weaver, creator of the CBC Literary Awards

    "I'm personally convinced that I would never have become a writer had it not been for the encouragement of the CBC. How important it is to get that first boost."
    - Carol Shields (in 1985)

    "Writers love this competition because entries are read without the authors' names and judged blind, on the merits of the writing alone. This unique literary competition . . . is about writing, the beauty of the language, the interest of the subject matter."
    - Kim Echlin, from her introduction

    Celebrated in this anthology are the first-prize English-language winners of the CBC Literary Awards from 2001 to 2006 in poetry, creative non-fiction and travel, and short fiction plus three new translations of French-language winners.

  • Trekkers

    Vince Russo

    Star Trek fans - Trekkers - are the single most devoted group of fans in the world. Star Trek has taken our world and transplanted it to another century, showing us just how ludicrous some of our societal restrictions really are. Klingons, humans, and Ferengis work side by side; people are not judged by the colour of their skin or what planet they come from; there are no hierarchies, and beings learn to work together to achieve something. This book gathers, for the first time, stories written by the fans themselves - stories of how Star Trek has touched their lives. Read about people who have met the stars of the show; who've met their future spouses at conventions; who followed careers in engineering because of Star Trek; and who live by the philosophies promoted by the show. These stories are heartfelt, and are written for other fans. And this book proves that Star Trek isn't just science fiction; it's a way of life.

  • Rope Opera


    It's been a decade since The Monday Night War waged between the WWF and WCW generated unprecedented and astronomical ratings, and the landscape of "the sport of kings" has changed radically. But one thing remains constant: the fans chanting "Fire Russo!" can still be heard at TV tapings and pay-per-view events across North America. And Vince Russo, the man who has at times been called "the most hated man in professional wrestling" wouldn't have it any other way.

    In his first book, Forgiven, Vince Russo delivered a modern-day parable about the price of success. In heartbreaking detail, he showed how a "godforsaken business" and the desire for acclaim in his career as a writer for Vince McMahon's WWF led him into a spiritual wasteland.

    Today, a changed Russo has returned to prominence in wrestling - a world he both loves and that has, he acknowledges, broken his heart - as one of the writers and masterminds behind TNA, the world's fastest-growing and most cutting-edge wrestling promotion. For two hours every Thursday, Russo's ideas and words revolutionize wrestling on Spike TV; but what he achieves on Impact! on a weekly basis has been many years in the making. He's been known as both the saviour of the WWF and the man who destroyed WCW, and Rope Opera: How WCW Killed Vince Russo is the true, behind-the-scenes story of, quite simply, the rise and fall and rebirth of professional wrestling.

    Many have tried to explain the inner workings of wrestling's most turbulent era - but this is the first time someone in the centre of the maelstrom has ever laid everything bare. In returning to the page to take readers from the death of WCW to the rise of TNA, Vince Russo has crafted his most remarkable storyline: that a grown man can come to terms with, and find peace within, the insanity of the squared circle.

  • Forgiven


    Ask pro wrestling fans about Vince Russo and you're sure to get a heated reaction: either the guy's a genius, or he single-handedly ruined the sport. What's weird about being "the most hated man" in an industry where public ire is money in the bank? Vince Russo wasn't even a wrestler - he just wrote the stuff.

    Forgiven is the book that every wrestling fan has been waiting for. As lead writer, he took WWF's flagship show Monday Night Raw to unimaginable heights, making it the highest rated cable program in television history. The stories of Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, The Rock, and the tragic death of Owen Hart are offered from Vince Russo's perspective: he was part of it all, writing it all.

    Here, Russo finally comes clean - to the fans, and more importantly, with himself. Russo offers his life, work, and very soul as a modern day parable about the price of success. In heartbreaking detail, he shows how a "godforsaken business" and the desire for acclaim led him, unwittingly, into a spiritual wasteland. Ultimately, Russo's story is one of redemption as he finds guidance and forgiveness in God.