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  • Better Medicine

    Jo Storm

    Donner Prize-winning author Dr. David Gratzer (Code Blue, ECW Press) edits and introduces this collection of twelve essays on health care reform in Canada, advocating an open-minded approach to such concepts as privatization, two-tier health care, and user fees. Gratzer has assembled a stellar list of authors who invite Canadians to question their confidence in government-managed public health. Contributors include Order of Canada member and University of Toronto professor Michael Bliss, who argues that our current problems are the result of increasingly aggressive government measures to control patients and health-care providers. Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente offers vignettes that address the day-to-day problems of health care: queue jumping, excessive waits, provider burnout, aging equipment, and the politicization of health administration.  And, Vancouver-based health analyst Cynthia Ramsey places Canada's health care system in an international context. Her findings are unsettling. Other contributors include McGill economist and National Post contributor William Watson, former Quebec Medical Association president Dr. Edwin Coffey, former Ontario Medical Association president Dr. William Orovan, and Urban Futures Institute executive Director David Baxter. All Canadians concerned about the state of health care in Canada should read this informative and intelligent collection.

  • Stargate SG-1 has been a television hit for eight years (an almost unheard-of run in science-fiction television), with a ninth in production, and boasts a devoted and vocal online community. Based on the feature length movie, the series SG-1 is Sci Fi Channel's highest rated show. It follows the flagship team, designated SG-1, of a secret military base. Transported instantly by a Stargate to distant planets, Colonel Jack O'Neill (MacGyver star Richard Dean Anderson) and his team race to save the galaxy from ruthless enslaving aliens, the Goa'uld. What is it about this show that has made it so popular? What makes it different from other science fiction series on television today?

    Approaching the Possible: The World of Stargate SG-1 answers these questions and more. It serves as a comprehensive introduction for those who are just starting to watch SG-1 with an episode guide to the series, examining SG-1 season by season. For the long-time viewer, author Jo Storm explores multi-season storylines and character developments. Interesting facts for each episode and numerous sidebars uncover the mythology and science not only of the stories, but of the writing, directing, and special effects used to tell the stories.

    Exclusive interviews with cast members such as Teryl Rothery, Alex Zahara, writer Joseph Mallozzi, special effects supervisor James Tichenor, and Gateworld's Darren Sumner, engage the Stargate universe from multiple angles. Including chapters devoted to the franchise as well as the 'fanchise' element of the MGM original series, the book showcases the passion this show inspires in its viewers - from real-life scientists to fan fiction writers. Approaching the Possible offers insight into the multiple reasons for the show's popularity while tackling everything from the mythology of Ancient Egypt to the series' evolution as a CGI wunderkind. With no other episode guide on the market that covers every season of the series, this book is a must-have addition to any fan's library.

  • Frak You!


    Time Magazine named Battlestar Galactica "The Best Show of the Year" in 2005. Newsweek called it "indisputably, hands-down and without question, the best show on television." And USA Today proclaimed, "You don't have to love sci-fi to love Battlestar Galactica . . . a great TV series."

    Frak You!: The Ultimate Unauthorized Guide to Battlestar Galactica will examine the universe of BSG - a drastically reduced population living in an apocalyptic world, fighting for the survival of the human race. This book will include a look at the different ways in which apocalyptic events are depicted in science fiction; how the show blends current political content into a science fiction setting, dealing with topical subjects like treatment of war prisoners, armistice breaking, and the rules of engagement; how the current show compares to the original 1970s series and how the characters resemble their original namesakes; and it will look at how war and survival are portrayed on the series, using themes of apocalypse, losing one's home, capturing enemies, political torture, and the choices we make in desperate situations. It will also feature an interview with the show's executive producer, Ron Moore, and bios of the seven principal cast members.

    With an in-depth episode guide to the first three seasons of the show - analyzing the history of the Cylons and the show's use of mythology, religion, and politics - and the interim "webisodes" that aired online between seasons two and three, Frak You! will be the only guide to this amazing show that fans will need.

  • ?"You set me loose. Everything that happened was because you saw fit to use me as bait. And what was I on the hook for? You just wanted a bust you could attach your name to so you could get ahead. Don't try to pretend that you're Dudley Do-Right. You're just an opportunist with a badge."

    They should have known better than to look for him. Wilson had been gone for two years until his old boss forced him to come home to be a grinder again. Wilson did the job he was blackmailed into doing and settled things, his way, with everyone. He was free - for two minutes.
    A random car accident destroys everything and puts Wilson into the crosshairs again, but this time the gun is in the hands of a cop. Justice isn't blind in the city; it's as bent as the tip of a bullet. Dirty cops are using Wilson as bait and the only way for him to stay out of cuffs is to help put someone worse in them. Wilson picks a fight with the Russian mob and lures both cops and robbers into his own trap. Everyone is crooked in the city, but not everyone is a survivor.
    In Plain Sight is the third book featuring reluctant mob-enforcer Wilson, following Darwin's Nightmare (2008) and Grinder (2009).

    "Readers who like their mean streets really mean will be thoroughly satisfied." - Publishers Weekly, starred review, on Grinder