Ejaculations From the Charm Factory

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Kissing and telling ? You've heard about Sky Gilbert: he's loved by fans of his novels, plays, poetry, and columns; hated by the Toronto Sun and by some members of the gay community. His alter ego Jane, a drag queen, was charged with not wearing a seat belt in a cab, took the case to trial, and won: "The judge said I was a reasonable person." Gilbert's theatre, Buddies in Bad Times, was almost closed by The City of Toronto for sponsoring S/M workshops in 1990, and yet he was awarded the Pauline McGibbon Award for directing in 1985, has directed two plays at the Shaw Festival, and had his work performed across North America. The Religious Right has campaigned against him, yet some men argue that his work has changed their lives. So, what's Gilbert all about, what makes him tick? Is he a drag queen? An award-winning artist? A complete slut? Or, maybe, all three? Many are going to be angered by this book, many more will be entertained. One guarantee: everyone is going to be reading Ejaculations from the Charm Factory to see if their names are in it. And yes, they are.? But there's also a whole lot more.

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