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@20@@18@NEW YORK TIMES @19@BESTSELLER @95@bull;@95@#160;The stunning conclusion to Robin Hobb@12@s Fitz and the Fool trilogy, which began with @18@Fool@12@s Assassin @19@and @18@Fool@12@s Quest@19@@21@@16@@16@@20@@95@ldquo;Every new Robin Hobb novel is a cause for celebration.@95@#160;Along with millions of her other fans, I delight in every visit to the Six Duchies, the Rain Wilds, and the Out Islands, and can@12@t wait to see where she@12@ll take me next.@95@rdquo;@95@mdash;George R. R. Martin@95@#160;@21@@16@@16@ More than twenty years ago, the first epic fantasy novel featuring FitzChivalry Farseer and his mysterious, often maddening friend the Fool struck like a bolt of brilliant lightning. Now @18@New York Times@19@ bestselling author Robin Hobb brings to a momentous close the third trilogy featuring these beloved characters in a novel of unsurpassed artistry that is sure to endure as one of the great masterworks of the genre.@16@@16@ Fitz@12@s young daughter, Bee, has been kidnapped by the Servants, a secret society whose members not only dream of possible futures but use their prophecies to add to their wealth and influence. Bee plays a crucial part in these dreams@95@mdash;but just @18@what@19@ part remains uncertain.@16@@16@ As Bee is dragged by her sadistic captors across half the world, Fitz and the Fool, believing her dead, embark on a mission of revenge that will take them to the distant island where the Servants reside@95@mdash;a place the Fool once called home and later called prison. It was a hell the Fool escaped, maimed and blinded, swearing never to return.@16@@16@ For all his injuries, however, the Fool is not as helpless as he seems. He is a dreamer too, able to shape the future. And though Fitz is no longer the peerless assassin of his youth, he remains a man to be reckoned with@95@mdash;deadly with blades and poison, and adept in Farseer magic. And their goal is simple: to make sure not a single Servant survives their scourge.@16@@16@ @20@PRAISE FOR ROBIN HOBB@21@@16@@16@ @20@Fool@12@s Assassin@21@@16@@16@ @95@ldquo;Hobb knows the complicated workings of the wayward human heart, and she takes time to depict them in her tale, to tell her story sweetly, insistently, compellingly. . . . A book meant to be inhabited rather than run through.@95@rdquo;@20@@95@mdash;@18@The Seattle Times@19@@21@@16@@16@ @95@ldquo;[Hobb@12@s] prose sparkles, her characters leap off the page.@95@rdquo;@20@@95@mdash;@18@Tor.com@19@@21@@16@@16@ @95@ldquo;Fantastic . . . emotionally rich storytelling.@95@rdquo;@20@@18@@95@mdash;Library Journal @19@(starred review)@21@@16@@16@ @20@Fool@12@s Quest@21@@16@@16@ @95@ldquo;A complex tapestry of adventure, betrayal, destiny, and unrelenting peril . . . Hobb@12@s expertise is evident as always.@95@rdquo;@20@@95@mdash;@18@Publishers Weekly@19@@21@@16@@16@ @95@ldquo;Glorious and beautiful storytelling . . . Hobb lets rip with revelations, treachery, vengeance, sword fights and full on magical mayhem.@95@rdquo;@20@@95@mdash;@18@SciFiNow@19@@21@@16@@16@ @95@ldquo;If readers have any doubt that Robin Hobb is one of the finest writers in the fantasy genre, then they haven@12@t read any of her work.@95@rdquo;@20@@18@@95@mdash;SFFWorld@19@@21@

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